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Where do you get your inspiration?

For my subjects, from my own life. From my mental health and relationship experiences and how I view the world. I started to do art like this, because it helped me to express myself better and made me feel less lonely, when people online felt the same way as I do.

Visually my art finds inspiration from my love towards horror, dark and morbid things. I also love colors, nature and good quality animation styles, which actually originally inspired me to get better, for example, to make emotional facial expressions.

Why are you drawing wolves and sheeps?

Originally, when I was a child, I started to draw mostly canines and canine based comics, because I got super inspired from the 80's series called Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Also I loved, and I still love, canines very much, because they are strong and beautiful animals. But by time, wolf started to find own meaning in my art.

Wolf often represents in my art something that struggles with life, past and pain, but also something that dares to hope for better. The wolf is free to feel and express emotions, and free to be who the wolf really is inside.

Sheep, on the other hand, appeared to often represent in my art restrained behavior, modesty and over politeness. Feelings about how I was taught to be, how I learned to be, and how I often feel I still should be. That's why sheep is kind of a counterpart for my wolf side, which inside me wants to be free.

When You started drawing?

At the age of 12, I started my drawing hobby. Professionally I started to draw at year 2019, when my social media started to get visibility.

What does susitse mean?

Susitse is a word play from finnish words susi (means wolf) and itse (self), but the word Susitse itself is also a finnish word, which roughly means, when translated, "told or delivered by wolves".

Can you teach me to draw?

Unfortunately, no. This is because I have a feeling that I don't know how to teach properly, and also I'm very busy with my own art things.

What do you use for drawing?

Procreate app and ipad pro 11" 2018 + Apple 2 pen.

What canvas size do you use?

Usually canvas dimensions stay around 4000px-5000px and 300dpi.

What printer and paper you use for printing?

Currently I'm using Canon Pixma Pro 200 and compatible papers for it (Canon semi-glossy or Luster).

For sticker printing, I'm using different vinyl sticker papers that fits on inkjet printer.

When is your shop open?

My shop is often 1-2 month open 3-4 times a year. This is because I'm preparing and packing all orders mainly alone, and I need time do all things needed.

Please check shop current situation directly from my Etsy shop page!

Do you ship your merch internatio-nally?

Yes I do, if there are not any on going shipping restrictions.

Can I make a request for art print design or product?

Sure :) Please contact me through social media, or with this page contact form.

Do you do commissioned works?

Yes I do, when I have time to accept new commissions! Please check current commission situation from my commission page.

What are your rates?

If I'm not running any commission occasion where prices has been determined, my commission prices depends on many factors. For example amount of details, amounts of characters and about the usage purpose of the art (personal or commercial work).

If you have an idea for your commission request, please contact me and explain me all the details you wish from your work. After that, I can give you a price estimation for your commission.

Can I take a tattoo of your artwork?

Yes, but first you need to purchase my tattoo ticket from my Etsy shop! Tattoo ticket provides a small fee for artist (me), for you using my art on your own personal tattoo purpose.

Check more info about the ticket from the tattoo ticket page.

Can I take inspiration from your art/writings?

Generally, yes. But I'd appreciate if you'd credit me as your original inspiration source!


Also if your inspiration taking means tracing or almost direct copying, then crediting is necessary.

Can I use your art as my profile picture?

Yes, but remember to credit me on your profile bio :)

Can I use your art for my own commercIal purposes?

Simply, no. My personal artworks are very meaningful to me, and I'm also making my living with my artworks. That's why I'm also not currently licensing my artworks.


My artworks and writings are protected with copyright laws, so stealing will also have consequences.

If you're interested of my artworks, please contact me to ask about commissioned works!

What should I do if I suspect someone selling, stealing or tracing your art?

Please contact me immediatelly through social media or page contact form and let me know, who's stealing my art and how. By this act, you're helping me protect my art rights and also helping me to keep my living.


Thank you for being alerted.

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